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Covid - 19

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Group Energy Sessions - Remote

Offered FREE during the months of April/May 2020

For People and Pets

No need to send me your name if you are participating in these sessions or to sign up anywhere.  I am working in the quantum field, intention is all that is needed.

If you are not already receiving my emails you can join the email list on the Home page to ensure that you will receive notifications about future sessions.

This is a quantum technology tool which remotely sends normalizing frequencies to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This is an alternative, non invasive method of helping the body stay well.

In light of our current situation with COVID-19 I am offering FREE group sessions. I will create these sessions to send frequencies to dissolve fear, boost immunity and reduce stress during these challenging times. I will also be sending positive frequencies for things like love, peace, joy, gratitude and forgiveness.

Groups can be very powerful when working toward a common goal and using this tool as a group is no exception to that principle. These sessions will be done remotely. It is not necessary for you to sign up for them. However it will be necessary for you to set your intention to receive these frequencies. Simply say to yourself, "I would like to be a participant in this group based on my highest good in this lifetime". That is all that is necessary.

I will hold the intention that these sessions will be available for you and your pets during April and May, 2020. It would be helpful for you to place your attention on receiving them during the night. Don't worry, if you forget to place your attention, you will still receive some benefits.

You will NOT receive frequencies if you do not set your intention to do so. It is your choice! You may withdraw from the group at any time by simply revising your intention. You do this by saying to yourself, "i no longer want to receive these sessions".

*I do not diagnose, treat or cure any disease. I am not a medical professional.  You should always consult your medical doctor if you have any symptoms that concern you.

Read more about the Quantum tool on another tab and set your intention to receive frequencies to boost immunity, address fears and minimize stress.



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Individual Remote Sessions Available

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Contact:  Shirley 

651 815 5030


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