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Wellness 4 U

Quantum Tool ("Q")

SRC 4 U (Stress Release Companion)

This is a 21st Century transformational Qi enhancing software tool.

Emerging technology, based on quantum physics, provides a Qi Gong based wellness tool that helps the body manage stress, anxiety, pain and much more. Totally non-invasive, it tests body reactivity to over 500,000 items and sends normalizing frequencies to the body in seconds. It neutralizes resistance and blockages while also addressing toxins. Imagine your body tuning into radio waves and allowing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance to be restored.

Scientific research supports vibrational frequencies as a proven method to help reduce stress and anxiety that may be related to illness, injury or emotional trauma. They are very effective with animals as well.

Individual and group sessions are available. They are all done remotely, cost little and so easy to fit into your lifestyle. 


Research proves that entrainment of energy flows from the stronger person to the weaker without any loss to the stronger one. Everyone's energy then operates at the higher frequency. Note that the words stronger and weaker are meant to describe the level of energy experienced at the time not a reference to personality.

I run groups for mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, sometimes environmental issues. Anyone who is physically depleted will tap into the higher energetic frequencies of a healthier person and thereby benefit. This is true for all the variables that are run.

I am not a licensed medical practitioner. I do not diagnose, treat or cure illness or disease.